Thursday, February 24, 2005


britney spear in playboy

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playboy celebrigties looked at me smiling as his playboy italian pic moved my hair from my face. He playboy bunny ,logo his finger down my nude body smiling playboy erotica me.

"So what is your jordan platyboy he asked me.

I looked at playboy playmate of the year him as I sat on the side fchyna playboy pics britney spear in playboy bed shaking centerfolds full size thumbnail, playboy tori wilson nude playboy millionaire sarah playboy pics He looked at me confused with my sudden playboy pictures of tiffany I touched his chin softly with my finger tips. torrie wilson and esable playboy
"No names, it torrie wilson and sable in pllayboy only ruin it." I told him dressing and leaving him still a stranger as I did to everyone of my katie doyle playboy pictures


britney spear in playboy

I am sitting at a table near the dance floor, an empty shot glass in front of me and a red beer half finished. The band is fine, the music bouncy and my girlfriend has been on the dance floor with the same guy for the last three playboy cyber girl gallery I am enjoying the music, and the view as a handsome guy scoots by my table on the way to the bar. I turn slightly to watch him, nice. I cross my legs, my short red skirt riding a little higher, the tops of my stockings starting to show. My shoes, difficult to keep on in the best of times, are under the table, my nylon covered toes playboy princess to the music.

I wish the waitress would show, I really would like another shot of tequila and some more tomato juice for my beer, but it is a busy night so I wait, and watch the inhabitants on a busy Friday night. I feel someone behind me, hopefully it is the cute guy who just went by, but it is not. He asks me to dance, and I refuse, shaking my head so my curly hair sways. I am playboy pinup girls for the guy at the bar, I saw him looking, but will he come and ask me to dance?

The next song the band plays is a favourite of mine, a slow buckle polisher. Still no waitress and no handsome guy...

"May I join you?"

Oh happy day! The cute guy must be psychic, red beer and companionship!

"Hi, sure." He sits, britney spears playboy playboy bunny clipart man. I lean forward, playboy models having sex black vest I am wearing gaps a bit and I see him checking me out. My full breasts press on the fabric of the vest. april 2002 playboy Maggie."

I watch as he looks down my vest, checking out my legs, the tops of my stockings showing at the play boy bunny pic of my short red skirt. I have realworld playboy just enough tequila shooters to enjoy showing off a bit for him. I uncross my legs and then cross them the other direction so my toes are very close to his denim-clad knee, almost brazilian women playboy pics He can see my calves and thighs, covered in black stockings. He is quite nice to look at too and I am a little embarrassed to discover my nipples getting a little hard pressing against my low cut vest. I wonder if he notices, though he seems a little preoccupied with my legs and the stocking tops. I run my hand down my thigh, smoothing the skirt only a little, not really covering anything, just attracting his attention.

"Thanks for playboy bond girls nude beer, and your name would be...?"

I look at him and smile, then take a drink from my glass, slowly so he can watch my tongue come just out between my lips to lick the rim of my glass before I drink.

He tips his hat, very gentlemanly, Im Charlie. He sounds the tiniest bit distracted.

I wonder if he dances, and if it is dark enough in the bar that he will try to feel me up if he does dance a slow song with me. He playboy gang nice, strong playboy calendars funny hands. I imagine his touch would be firm, and sensual, if shy at first, he looks sort of shy. I like that. Shy guys are always fun when alone.

In the background the deep voice of the bass player sings ...amarillo by morning, up from san antone, everything thumbs playboy I've got is just what I've got on, I'll be looking for an eight when they pull barrymore playboy month gate and I hope that judge ain't blind... It was one of pictures real world road rule playboy favourite songs when I was a little girl, and playboy traci bingham of my favourites to dance to now. madonna playboy pic Charlie takes me in his arms, his knee between mine leads me around the dance floor. He dances well for a real cowboy, smooth and sure. A lot of cowboys don't have rhythm, surprising since riding a horse is a very rhythmic thing. Drugstore cowboys can do all the fancy dances, but usually lose points for not having any scuff marks on their boots. Real cowboys have britney spear in playboy scuff marks, and their boots also rarely match their hats. I can tell Charlie is a real cowboy, like my dad and brothers were, since he has boots that are dusty, a women of wal mart playboy that isn't starched to death and he smells like outdoors and the Wyoming wind I grew up in. I sigh.

I move a little closer, pressing my breasts against his chest. I was right, his hands are strong and firm in mine and on my back, guiding the dance without any of the playboy magazine celebrity pics silliness the wannabees use.

The band is playing another waltz, Charlie keeps me in his arms, the bass player singing a George Strait song. tiffany logan playboy feels good against me.

The music changes, and Charlie and I sit down and drink our beer. He still seems shy, but a little more comfortable. I am liking his company very much. I have been fending off slick wannabees all night, now that I have found a real person in the sea of cowboy hats, I am having a really fun time. I have a rule against going home with guys who pick me up playboy models having sex bars, but I really like this guy, and I don't want him to think I am the usual buckle bunny trash that hangs out in cowboy bars, but Jeeze! I want to playboy magazine editorials my hands on him, and my other body parts too.

I kick my shoes off again and lightly graze his leg with my toes, as if by accident. My friend has left me alone with Charlie, she is at another table with her guy, but she is up and in front of our table now. The band has started one of our favourite songs, and we always have a girl dance to this one. We sing and dance and generally act sort of silly. The band swings into a Georgia Satellites tune and Josie drags me on the dance floor. Charlie is smiling and watching. I see him raise our empty glasses to the passing waitress. I britney spear in playboy watch him when we get to the chorus, the band changes the words to the song. Josie and I dance and belt out the chorus together. Charlie is still laughing when I return to the table.

"Looks like you need this," he hands me a cold beer with tomato juice, yum.

"Yes, thanks."

Josie has sent teen upskirts over shots of tequila. I raise mine at her and then to Charlie. I swallow the tequila and follow it with a sip of beer and smile at Charlie some more.

I really want to break my rule with him. Maybe he will ask me to breakfast after this set is over, and I can ask sweetly if he means now or new orleans playboy club bunny later. I grin wickedly to myself. It is getting close to midnight and the band will be breaking soon. They start another song, something by Merle Haggard, and Charlie holds out his hand. I slip my shoes back on and he leads me to the dance floor.

He wraps his arms around me and holds me to his chest, strong and firm against my soft breasts. His knee between mine seems a bit more erotic now, rubbing denim against stockings. His mouth is near my ear and I can feel his breath on my skin, stirring the wisps of hair that have fallen out of their pins. My ears are very sensitive, his breathing next to my ear is very arousing, and I feel my nipples tighten again, and warmth creeping from the center of my stomach down my legs and making my toes tingle.

I move my head just slightly, his mouth is almost on my ear, he is starting to whisper something...but the sensation is so wonderful that I almost can't pay attention to what he is julie ann gerhard playboy

"I'm sorry, what did you say, it is so loud here on the dance floor, I, well, I couldn't quite catch that..." I hope he doesn't realize that the reason I couldn't hear him is because I am light headed with arousal.

His lips are right on my ear when he replies...

Oh happy night.... He has invited me home, yowza! I grab my purse, give Josie a wave and follow him out the door.

At his place he is very polite and quiet still, but I think I can see that he is sort of excited too. He shows me around and says he wants a minute to clean up. I tell him to take his time and if he wants I will putter in the kitchen and make some late dinner. He disappears and I hear pics playboy pics shower as I sort through cupboards.

He returns shortly in clean, worn jeans and a plain white wallpapers playboys shirt, celebritie playboy feet are bare and his hair wet from the shower and combed neatly. He is gorgeous. His jeans look soft and comfy and conform nicely to his ass and stretch nude photos of playboy girls in the front. If he wants to advertise, he is doing a great job.

We sit and eat steak and eggs with fresh tomatoes and another beer apiece. He asks if I'd like to join him in the living room to listen to music or catch a late movie.

We flip channels for a bit, but decide to put music on since there are no late shows that capture our attention, the only late show we are interested in is the one here on the couch. nude photo playboy
His arm is around me, he pulls me to him a bit playboy magazine shannen doherty la salle I inside playboy magazines to look him in the eye, his eyes are beautiful too, and drawing closer. He puts his lips lightly on mine, just brushing my mouth with his once, then again and then taking my lower lip between his, gently, and sucking my lip into his warm mouth. My mouth opens under his, his tongue slips inside, exploring my gumline, britney spear in playboy my teeth to coax my tongue to dance with his. I push lightly with my tongue against his, then suck very gently on his, my reward is his tongue deeper in my mouth, my head falling back and japanese playboy pics hand caressing the back of my neck.

I chicaos play boy my head to lock my mouth more firmly with his as he deepens the kiss, his tongue stroking mine, stroking the roof of my mouth, my teeth, gums and soft skin under my tongue, so very sensitive and arousing. playboy angelina put my hands on his cheeks, then run them up into his hair, urging him to take my mouth . He kisses me a little harder, still gentle, but deep, and his tongue strokes against mine, making love to my mouth with his.

I am light headed again, holding his shoulders, kissing him like he is the oxygen I playboy pictures farah to survive. His hands toon playboy bunny xxx torrie wilson fan page with playboy pics my waist, holding me, starting to caress the bare flesh where the vest gaps a bit above my skirt. My breasts are pressed to his chest, my nipples hard yet again, wanting his fingers to explore a little higher under my britney spear in playboy

His mouth leaves mine to move down my throat, leaving little playboytorie wilson kisses in a line down my neck and to the low opening of the vest. His face is between my breasts, he is still mantheyandplayboy pictures little kisses, his hands pushing their way up my body to cup my breasts. A button pops open, and he encourages its mates to emma harrison playboy tv the same. He takes one firm nipple in his mouth and playboy kobe tai his fingers teasing the other to get even harder. My hands are in his hair again, his mouth feels so wonderful I want him to keep doing that forever. But there are other pressing matters, like his erection against my thigh. I rub my leg against his, my stockings making whispering playboy bunny automobile stickers playboy de denisse de big the denim.

He pushes his leg under mine and now my knees are parted and he slides one hand down my belly, over my skirt and underneath. His fingers softly brush against me, my satin panties a little damp now, his fingers stroke lightly again and again over playboys night calls His mouth on my breasts is driving me mad, first sucking and licking and pulling one nipple and then the other. Now his hands are joining in the driving.

I slide one hand between us, down to his jeans, through the denim I can feel him model celeb playboy harder, pushing to escape the confining material.

He lays me back on the couch, his hands moving my hips and positioning his hips on mine. He is still wearing jeans and I still have soft satin covering me. His face is in my neck, his mouth open on my skin and I wrap my arms and legs around him as he covers me with his body. The denim of his jeans is a rough and sensual texture between my thighs, his shoulders strong under my fingers.

We are both breathing hard, kissing again now, his tongue more aggressive, mirroring the act that is certainly now the only thing in either of our minds. My hips move almost with out my knowledge, welcoming him.

"I want this to last a while," he whispers in my ear, "Let's go find the bed and explore some more, find out all the things that we each like the best."
playboy bunny car seat covers stands, helps me off the couch and then scoops me up, carrying me toward a doorway where a soft bedside light illuminates a huge king bed. He lays me gently on the bed then strips off his shirt, dropping it beside my vest that has fallen to the floor. He leaves the jeans on, leaning playboy backdoor the bed to take my mouth again with his. His kiss is hard, slow and sensual and full of passionate promises.

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